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BackBurner’s expert digital marketing team will promote your law firm, building your brand and your business.

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A lot of law firm “marketing” companies are either web design agencies or lead sellers. Not BackBurner. Our mission is to help build your law firm’s brand, improve its profile in the community, and build Active Marketing Movement systems that pull clients into your lead collection points.

BackBurner knows how tricky digital marketing law firms can be with the various bar rules and regulations. We understand these restrictions and will turn up the heat on your revenues and brand profile with some new approaches to sales and marketing!














Essentials for Digital Marketing Law Firms

SEO for Law Firms

If you don’t show up in Google searches, you don’t exist. SEO plays a major role in your firm’s online success. SEO is more than keywords and Meta Tags. Proper SEO management requires a lot of work, content develpment, and careful monitoring to produce the best results. We take care of that for you, so you just have to answer the phone and emails from prospects.

Social Media for Presence

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are required social media for law firms. Our social media strategists will build your brand awareness by representing your firm in a professional yet accessible manner to attract viewers and keep their attention, so they will choose your firm when an accident happens.

Web Development

Whether you are a startup or an established firm, your website is where relationships start and often where clients decide if you are right for them. It’s the hub of your brand identity, marketing, and client prospecting. It has to be so much more than a digital brochure. BackBurner will make it a powerful marketing tool.



The cornerstone to making your firm standout as the experts in your practice area. We will create and post blogs to your website to attract potential clients, while helping boost SEO rankings and pulling clients to your site.


Email Marketing

BackBurner has formulated the perfect formula for law firm clients. We will keep your potential and former customers engaged and make sure your firm is Top of Mind. 

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a mix of art and science. For over 40 years, our award winning design team has been crafting truly outstanding logos, print and digital designs for clients worldwide. We can build you a suite of pamphlets, brochures, rackcards, business cards, etc., to help distinguish your firm from all the rest.

All Injuries Law Firm Social Media

Why we are different

Since 1993, BackBurner’s team of marketing experts have been working with law firms across the country. We’ve built identity systems–logos, letterhead, signage–and crafted winning digital and social media marketing programs that raise brand awareness and bring in clients. As marketing consultants with an award-winning creative team of designers and developers, we keep all of our projects in-house. Unlike most firms, we do not outsource to freelancers or low-priced, poor quality bid sites like Fiverr. All of our work is custom, NOT a templated design. Your work is unique and dedicated to you. We have mastered the art of digital marketing law firms and are confident we can help you.

Our Recommended programs for digital marketing Law firms

In our experience, these programs offer the most complete path to marketing your law firm. But, we can customize to match your specific needs, as well. Contact us to learn how we can develop a fully customized program based on our knowledge of marketing to best highlight your firm.

Answers to common questions

We are a law firm. Do we really need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) management?

Yes you do!  “Lawyer” and “attorney” are two of the more expensive keywords for seach engine ads. With a proper SEO strategy, we can help boost your firm’s “organic search results” so your firm’s Google rankings will improve. That means more click-thrus, more prospects, and more clients.  Try performing Google searches based on ways you believe potential clients will search for you. If you’re not in the top 3-5 organic search results (not including the ads), you need a marketing SEO strategy for your law firm. 

How do you brand a law firm?

Law firms are essentially no different from any other service business in that they have a target market and a reputation in the community. That reputation is your brand. That comes as a surprise to a lot of people who think your brand is your logo. It’s not. That’s part of it, but your brand is what people say about you when you aren’t there. So, every person in your office has a personal brand that contributes to the overall firm brand. How you answer the phone, how many cases you win, how prominently you figure in community projects and initiatives…all of that is your brand. First, we determine the type of clients you market to and what is visually appealing to their demographic. Then, we look at what you are currently doing in the office, in print and online. Then, we look at what competing law firms in your area are doing. We compare their website, social media posts, and a few of their blogs with yours. We then begin branding you to look up-to-date, informative and visually better than the competition. Brand-building is a process and takes a long-term commitment and attention to detail to be effective.

How will you bring clients to my law firm?

We build a monthly content marketing strategy, including posting blogs, posting on social media, and developing email campaigns, all of which link to your website. Additionally, we perform strategic law firm SEO on your website. We also recommend making updates to your website, and asking clients for online referrals and reccomendations, along with social media follows. A law firm needs to have a comprehensive strategic digital marketing approach to drive business to their website. On the back end, we will suggest and set up marketing automation that helps you stay in touch with clients and manage new inquiries in a consistent and professional manner.

What are the benefits of hiring a digital marketing law firm agency?

Hiring an agency allows you to get expert help and professional brand and digital marketing talent without the enormous overhead of hiring someone in-house. To match our agency’s capabilities, you will have to hire more than a someone…you will need many someones, and a lot of years of experience! at a minimum, a firm would need a marketing director, a designer, social marketing manager, blog writer, web designer, and SEO expert.  The salary overhead for this team would be well over $250,000 a year. Only really large firms can justify the cost of an entire marketing team–and most don’t see the sense of having that kind of staff, anyway. To help your firm keep up with the successful firms, hiring an outside consultant to develop and implement a strategic marketing plan is your best option. BackBurner Marketing has the resources to actually do the work of an entire marketing team, allowing your lawyers and staff to focus on serving your clients. 

Do law firms really need marketing?

Absolutely! Unless you are the only attorney in town–which is unlikely–marketing is a necessity. There is competition in every industry, and the law is no different. Simply hanging your shingle on the front of your building is NOT marketing, and it probably won’t get you many clients. The next step for most attorneys has always been a Yellow Page ad (and, remarkably, some still do that) and a billboard. Yellow Pages are historical footnotes at this point, and billboards are expensive and only as effective as the traffic flow where they are placed. In the past, that is as sophisticated as most law firms got. Today, the options are many and the competition is fierce. Attorneys are not marketers–you went to school for the law, we went for business…that’s why we are both experts in our fields! We totally understand how confusing the marketing landscape is for someone who is not a marketer. Fortunately, you don’t have to become an expert in another field. Together, we will drive success to your firm.

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