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Digital marketing is the best way to make sales and build your brand. If you don’t have a digital presence, you need it…NOW!

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of online technologies to make sales, build a brand, and encourage customer loyalty.

At the center of any digital marketing program is a website. Not just any website. Your web presence must be custom designed to speak to your target audience. It isn’t just pretty pictures and words telling about your company. A good website let’s customers know that you understand their needs and difficulties. It frames you as the right choice.

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Add other digital techniques for success

A great website is a must-have, but it can’t do everything. Other crucial elements for successful digital marketing include email marketing, social media, content creation (blogs, information pieces), video, animations, and online advertising. Media and public relations might also be appropriate. You don’t have to do it all! The mix of methods depends in your goals, budget, and product or service. We can help you decide the best plan.

It’s not expensive—and it’s worth every penny

If you are shopping on price, then we are not the right choice for you. As with auto mechanics and plumbers, the cheapest solution is often the worst.

We come with 45 years of combined experience in digital and traditional marketing, design, and advertising. We know our business and can help grow yours! You can find cheaper solutions. You will not find better.

For companies that want to spread out their investment in a quality, professionally-developed digital marketing infrastructure, we can help! Whether you are starting new, rebranding, or expanding your business, we have packages for businesses or organizations that include websites, social media, and other digital elements. You will receive a custom-built WordPress website, designed and written to make your marketing gain traction.

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Email Programs and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Programs

CRMs feature powerful automations that allow you to do more with less effort. They also provide tons of useful data to help you see what hit and what misses the target. There are many CRM applications available today. Some are extremely complex (and expensive) while others are a little easier to operate and don’t require a big investment to get started. We have worked with and been certified in many email and CRM programs, but have a few favorites that we typically recommend. Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho are the heavy hitters in the field that we’ve worked with them for about a decade. They are powerful—often a little too powerful for smaller companies and startups.

For our Digital Marketing Programs we recommend ActiveCampaign, a powerful, flexible, super-effective CRM with a low price point that makes it perfect for small business. For email, we like Constant Contact (we have been Certified Constant Contact Consultants). If you already use another platform, that’s fine. We guarantee we’ve used it, too!


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