Michelle Williamson

Michelle Williamson

Michelle Williamson

Partner | Head of Digital Marketing


  • Constant Contact Certified eMail Consultant
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Google Adwords Certified

Michelle has a degree in business management and has spent the past twenty-five years making small businesses run like a clock. During that time, she fell into marketing when, without warning, it became part of her job description. Today, she specializes in marketing operations, online marketing, social media, and identity management.

Michelle understands how many of our clients feel about marketing. “One day, I came to work and my employer said, ‘Oh, by the way, you are doing our marketing now.’ ” Michelle recalls with a laugh. “I had to hit the ground running.” And she’s been running ever since.

Among her primary jobs–apart from keeping the company running smoothly, billing, client relations and project management–is website optimization, email campaigns, and social media integration.

Michelle uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others to drive traffic to online and brick-and-mortar points of sale. She also manages eMail marketing campaigns, direct response tracking, and web programming for eCommerce, eForms, and CSS/JavaScript/PHP development and implementation. Michelle manages website development and management for both our internal sites and client domains, and is quite the SEO geek.

Michelle directs operations for our sister sites, LogoDesignGroup.com, a national outlet for business identity development, and 80twentyconnect.com, our site designed specifically for the digital marketing sector. With clients from all parts of the United States, Europe, and Asia, the websites’ clientele require 24-hour attention. “We get a lot of traffic on the sites,” Michelle says. “We gain exposure and insights to all kinds of business sectors through the diverse mix of clients on the LDG and 80twenty sites.”

Michelle is originally from South Florida, can fix almost anything mechanical, hates public speaking, and can fish like a pro.

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” – Stacy Watts, Universal Contracting & Solar

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